Since January 2014, Everest Corporate Finance is amongst the most active local investment banks dealing with small and medium sized deals. The investment bank has completed over seventeen transactions, among them – private placement, restructuring, CLA and M&A, and is quickly becoming a recognized force in the business arena.

Everest founder's experience dates back 23 years. Over the past 14 years Everest has completed dozens of deals restructuring companies in special situations. Some required raising capital in equity or debt, re- composition of boards of directors while dealing with shareholder management and, at times, negotiating between conflicting points of interest among key shareholders and board members. Everest successfully managed to restructure many companies bringing them back on track.

Among these were the restructuring of Simon Worldwide in Los Angeles, Metro One in Portland, Actrade Financial Technologies, Gyrodyne Company of America and Livermore Investments. Everest was also involved in the latest turnarounds of Sapiens and Commtouch (renamed CYREN). More recently, Everest Corporate Finance has been successfully engaged in raising a pre-IPO credit line for Check-Cap, financing a hotel acquisition in Germany, advising publicly–listed Medical Compression Systems in its successful Rights Issue as well as a private debt sale between one of Israel's largest pension funds and a large insurance company. Everest Corporate Finance is currently engaged in locating acquisitions for two of the largest IT companies in Israel and is leading a local acquisition for one of Europe's largest private equity funds.