Elchanan (Nani) Maoz

Founder and Board Member

Mr. Nani Maoz serves as Chairman of the Everest Group since its inception. Prior to his independent operations, Mr. Maoz was employed by Dovrat-Shrem as head of the International Department. Mr. Maoz has extensive experience in dealing with cross-border transactions and with
turnaround processes as a change agent, when complex investment banking actions are involved.

While working in high-yield investment transactions in the United States and Europe, Mr. Maoz was exposed to many activities in the area, including recovery, liquidation, acquiring and selling companies and investment activities along with other leading funds in the field (portfolios included ResCap, Livermore, ICTS, Simon Worldwide, Metro One, Actrade, Concord Camera, etc.).

Mr. Maoz has served as a director, chairman of Equity Committees, and chairman of Liquidation Trust Committees in a number of cases of bankruptcies and special situations. His work has created a large network of turnaround managers, trustees, liquidators and directors, which is at his disposal when needed. Mr. Maoz holds a B.Sc. with honors in Engineering from the London University.

Yonatan Nacht

COO & Investment Banker

Mr. Nacht joined the Everest Group in September 2014 where he acts as Chief Operations Officer and Senior Investment Banker.

Since his arrival at Everest, Mr. Nacht has been involved in many deals, both local and cross-border, working side by side with Everest's CEO and founder – Mr. Nani Maoz.

Mr. Nacht’s responsibilities include analyzing, structuring, negotiating and executing various stages of Everest Corporate Finance's investment banking projects and deals, as well as maintaining top quality client relations.

A Major in the Israeli Navy reserve forces, Mr. Nacht served as an officer in the Navy for over seven years, after graduating from the prestigious Israeli Naval Academy Officers course. He holds a B.A in Economics from Tel Aviv University and a Global MBA with specialization in Strategy and Business Development from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (Summa cum laude).